The advantage of organizing

Wouldn’t you like to have the time to get your home or office organized? I can help achieve the order you want, but are too busy to do yourself.

My skills and experience will provide you with the information, ideas, and solutions that can help get your life back on track.

The benefits of my services will lead to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced stress
  • More control over your time, space, and resources
  • Peace of mind
  • Simplification in your life
  • Rediscovery of lost treasures
  • Added space and efficiency
  • Assisting those less fortunate by donating
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Let me help you get organized

From the attic to the basement to the garage and all rooms in-between, specializing in the following:





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Jennifer Studer-Miller

Jennifer Studer-Miller is a Professional Organizer and Coach. She founded Organizing Solutions & More in March 2000. Organizing solutions & More seeks to offer all services of residential and small business downsizing, organizing, relocations, and liquidations. Jennifer will provide you with the information, ideas, and solutions to increase productivity, reduce stress, and gain control over time, space, and resources.

Jennifer has the natural gift of finding solutions for clutter and coaching others on how to be organized every day. Her work has ranged from assisting business owners set up filing systems to helping homeowners get rid of clutter. She loves to help individuals create order out of chaos.


Jennifer has the compassion and know-how to help find a way to get your home organized in a manner that fits how you live.

She is passionate about sustainability and does not like to see usable items thrown out. She knows the value of items and once you are ready to de-clutter, she will make sure your items are delivered to the most appropriate outlet, often taking items to local charities to help the less fortunate and provide tax benefits for you.


Jennifer has the expertise to help find a way to get your office organized in a manner that fits how you work.

She will find solutions by organizing filing systems and finding storage solutions to make work areas more productive to help you meet deadlines and increase productivity.

She will improve your work area by organizing filing systems and finding storage solutions to help you meet deadlines and increase productivity. She offers space planning, paper management, information management, time management, storage design, clutter control, moving assistance, relocating assistance and estate preparation. She enjoys speaking to groups on topics such as setting-up and managing filing systems, de-cluttering, time management, paper clutter, and specific areas of the home. Her previous work experience includes 6 years with a local downsizing and relocation company and 16 years in the travel industry.

Jennifer has more than 20 years of experience downsizing and organizing homes and small business offices. She is a public speaker on the topic of organization. To set up an initial consultation or speaking engagement, call 614-582-6706 or email

The key to success is organization

If you have been putting off organizing certain areas in your home or office give me a call. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you for a free consultation.

  • Space Planning
  • Paper and Information
  • Management
  • Time Management
  • Storage Design
  • Clutter Control
  • Moving/Relocating
  • Estate Preparation
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My husband and I used Jennifer’s services during our move in 2019. On a scale 1-10 with 10 being the best, I would give her a 100. She was receptive to what we wanted to do and provided advice based upon her experience in areas we needed it. We had lived in the house for over thirty-seven years and were moving to a smaller home with limited storage.

Anything we wanted was done efficiently and with a dose of empathy and humor during this difficult time. She made suggestions as to the moving company, auction provider and the provider who came in to finish cleaning out the house of anything left after all that occurred; all of which were excellent suggestions. My only regret was that we moved 160 miles away and were unable to have her help in settling into the new house.

I would recommend her services without hesitation to anyone who needs to downsize regardless of moving, but especially when moving as there are a lot of things of which she is aware that the average homeowner who has not moved, or at least for years, is not. In addition, she is just a nice person, very energetic and great to be around.

--Shirley A. Cool Cochran

Jennifer's enthusiasm and expertise in organization have helped me differentiate between what's worthy and useful to keep, and what to donate or discard. She's quick, thorough and adept at helping make decisions, and especially helped me downsize after retirement. Take advantage of her professionalism as well as her warm heart.

--Dottie Howe

Jennifer is amazing, a rare gem. I have worked with her for several years, including a major move of two houses into one. She is a kind, even-keeled, intelligent, positive person which translates to maximum effectiveness. She is willing to do anything from office organization to taking away donations, and her pleasant demeanor turns dreaded tasks into (dare I say?) fun. Jennifer helps you see the big picture, especially with respect to downsizing, to make it easier to "let go" of stuff. She is decisive with a bias towards action, and she shares her learning from other projects. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her with no reservations. The value she adds goes on long after the project is done, as she teaches you organizing principles, and helps set up systems that will work for you going forward.

--New Albany, OH

I can’t begin to tell Jennifer, or potential clients, how freeing it was to do the very difficult job of cleaning out my parents’ house after 60+ years of living in the same house. It’s tough enough to dispose of sentimental items, but knowing that Jennifer will find a good home for these things makes it a bit easier to move on. Thanks for all of your hard work!

--Pickerington, OH

Jennifer was an invaluable asset to me during our preparations to put our house on the market, during the planning phase of the move after we got into contract, and when we moved into our new house. She was an amazing resource for where to donate items so that I wasn’t filling my curb with piles of unnecessary items. She knew what people, organizations and businesses would benefit the most from the items we decided not to keep. I don’t think I would have retained my sanity without her through the whole process. Her ability to communicate and her availability are just a part of what makes her so successful, but what I valued so much during our time with her most recently. On top of that, she is one of the nicest people I have ever met and we love having her over to help us for that reason. I will continue to use Jennifer going forward or organizing and systematically purging my house to optimize my space.

--Ashley, Delaware OH

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